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Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracking

Advanced GPS Fleet Tracking Software

GPS Fleet Tracking Upgrades Fleet Visibility

OnTrak Solutions provides you advanced GPS fleet tracking software that gives you a 360 degree, real-time view of your entire fleet’s operations. Why get fleet GPS tracking? It can help:

  • Reduce costs
  • Stay on top of maintenance needs
  • Increase driver productivity
  • And make the most of each and every business day

We integrate tracking together with powerful fleet management software and cloud-connected dash cams. Our GPS trackers provide valuable insight into the efficiencies of your drivers and fleet — not just the where, but also the who, what, when, and why.

If you want a wealth of information alongside real-time tracking, GPS tracking for your fleet is what you need. Contact us today to get started!

GPS Fleet Tracking
GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking Features

  • Designed for a wide variety of vehicle and asset tracking applications.
  • Multiple I/O interfaces that are used to monitor or control external devices, such as engine blocks and fuel/door sensors.
  • The built-in GPS receivers have superior sensitivity and fast time to first fix.
  • Superior mobile connectivity, allowing the ability to monitor a location in real-time or periodically track a back-end server and mobile devices.
  • A built-in 3-axis accelerometer allows motion detection and extends battery life through sophisticated power management algorithms.
  • Regular reports, including geo-fence boundary crossings, driving behavior, odometer readings, and other trip details.
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GPS Fleet Tracking Saves Time & Money

Fleet tracking helps your commercial business save money. No matter if you have an HVAC, construction, roofing, or plumbing business with a fleet of vehicles, GPS tracking can empower your business by:

  • Increase Fleet Performance — Fleet managers get relevant, real-time data allowing them to correct issues fast. Find out where drive time could be reduced, address maintenance issues early, decrease driver down-time, and more.
  • Streamline Fleet Operations — Do you still rely on driver log sheets, vehicle maintenance records, and service forms? Save yourself the headache and make your operations more efficient by getting all the data you need in one automatically recorded location. The efficiency OnTrak Solutions’ GPS tracking technology allows you to focus less on paperwork and more on growing your business.
  • Reduce Insurance Risks — GPS tracking gives you the data you need to eliminate conflicting statements with irrefutable proof, improve your current driver and fleet safety, and give you the tools to proactively coach drivers to take fewer risks on the road. Did you know that most insurance companies offer discounted rates for businesses that use fleet telematics? Proactively managing your business with GPS tracking not only helps reduce your risk and increase employee safety, but also helps reduce your insurance costs!
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs — The information you get from GPS tracking software includes vehicle condition data, allowing you to keep track of things such as engine deterioration and when it’s time to rotate the tires. This data reduces your need for major repairs and makes keeping track of maintenance needs simple.
  • Superior Customer Service — Real-time GPS tracking gives dispatchers the data and other tools they need to improve routes and driver efficiency, allowing your fleet to reach customers faster. With less time with paperwork, you’ll also be able to focus more on work orders and less on bureaucratic work.
Proactive Fleet Management

Free Benefits Infographic

Ontrak’s fleet management solutions provide fantastic benefits and can be paid back in a very short period of time. This infographic captures the benefits in an easily scannable and sharable format.

How Fleet Management Technology Helps You

  • Disputed claims reduced up to 40%
  • 27% reduction in claims frequency
  • Risk Profiles reduced by 39%
  • Resulting costs from claims are able to be reduced by 17%
  • Return on investment within first year — 100%
  • Proven improvement in loss ratios
  • 86% decrease in near collisions
  • 71% reduction in traffic violations
  • 29% drop in unbelted drivers
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Who Is GPS Fleet Tracking For?

Fleet owners looking for a simple to use vehicle tracking solution at a great price point benefit by choosing OnTrak Solutions. We provide you the tools you need to:

  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Improve worker productivity
  • Enhance driver safety
  • Improve compliance and asset security

We offer a range of different software options at affordable prices. No matter the size of your fleet, OnTrak Solutions is highly scalable and totally customizable. We work with you for training and support, helping make the transition to modern fleet management technology easy. Want to learn more about our GPS fleet tracking technology?