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Vehicle GPS Tracker Solutions – Key Benefits

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As a business owner in charge of a fleet of vehicles, you no doubt understand the fleet management complexities required to keep your business on track and your drivers safe as they travel across our vast continent. But no matter how far your fleet is scattered, Ontrak Solutions’ vehicle GPS tracker solutions allow you to stay ahead of the game, monitoring your vehicle assets from a centralized location in real-time.

By fitting easy to use vehicle GPS tracking devices that have been designed to suit a range of light and heavy vehicles, you’re able to use our latest technology to support your drivers in ways unimaginable even just a few years ago.

Not only keeping track of your fleet by implementing data driven changes across repeated routes, but also improving trip times across all conditions and ensuring your drivers are safe.

Key Benefits of an Effective Vehicle GPS Tracker Solution

With GPS tracking becoming an integral part of a safer, more efficient fleet, let’s go into some more detail around the benefits of our vehicle GPS tracker solutions.

1. The Ability to Closely Monitor Your Fleet

Effective vehicle GPS tracker solutions allow you to see where your whole fleet is at any moment in time. With this valuable information readily available, you can quickly dispatch resources where and when they’re required.

Have you heard the saying that information is money?

Well when it comes to fleet management, this saying couldn’t be more spot-on. Knowing where each vehicle in your fleet is at all times offers a unique business advantage that competitors without the same access to information, simply don’t have.

Consider the value behind knowing how far a truck carrying an express delivery is from its destination. Knowing whether that truck is on its way or whether it’s stopped due to mechanical issues. Whether there’s heavy traffic up ahead or if it’s expected to reach its destination with time to spare. An effective vehicle GPS tracker solution allows you and your team to change routes at the drop of a hat and relay this information to your driver.

Enabling vehicles in your fleet to avoid traffic jams, accidents, or whatever other problems that somehow always seem to find their way into major transport arteries. Having this information allows you to precisely predict your delivery’s time of arrival, relaying that to your customers for a business advantage of true reliability.

2. Protect Your Staff by Improving Driver Safety

While we rely so heavily on machinery to get the job done, there’s a massive human element to the work we do. Everyone behind the wheel of your fleet has a family that they go home to every night and it’s your responsibility to ensure that they’re able to do this. Effective vehicle GPS tracker solutions offer an extra layer of protection for your staff.

If something goes wrong on the road or a driver requires assistance for a mechanical issue, vehicle GPS tracking means help is able to reach their exact location without delay. This is extremely important when your fleet is driving outside business hours and on quiet, rural roads outside of major city centers.

While experienced drivers will tell you that they know the roads and routes that they drive, bad weather and fatigue are just a few things that can reduce their efficiency and hinder any emergency response that may be required. Is it really worth risking the lives of your staff when GPS technology is available? When we’re talking about human life, there’s only one correct answer to that question.

3. Reduce Costs Around Fuel and the Maintenance of Your Fleet

Effective vehicle GPS tracker solutions allow you to reduce costs by optimizing your driver’s time with data backed solutions. Not only are you able to reduce fuel costs by optimizing routes to take the most efficient routes, but also by avoiding traffic.

Reduce wasteful idling when your drivers are sitting in traffic that they could have avoided by taking different routes or tackling the delivery at a different time. Traffic is nothing more than a reflection of human behavior and human behavior is highly predictable.

When it comes to maintenance costs, an effective vehicle GPS tracker solution is able to help there too by limiting your fleet’s exposure to conditions promoting excessive wear and tear. By implementing solutions from Ontrak, you can extend the life of your fleet and reduce the time between service intervals.

Breakdowns can be limited, but as any industry professional will tell you, can never be fully avoided. But as we mentioned in one of the other benefits above, breakdowns can be attended to quickly and efficiently.

4. Increase the Security of Your Fleet

Looking after the significant assets that make up your fleet is all just part of doing business and an effective vehicle GPS tracker solution is an essential quiver in your security bow. Assets that make up your fleet not only include your vehicles that are transporting the goods from A to B, but also the goods themselves. 

When it comes to asset management, GPS tracker solutions offer you a live position of every vehicle in your fleet. No matter what time of the day it is, whether your staff is working or off-duty, your assets should be where they’re supposed to be.

If they’re not, you’ll know about it. Instantly.

Theft is a cruel part of business and when the technology detects movement in an asset that is supposed to be stationary, you’re able to act quickly to avert any losses. While the risk of asset theft is greatly reduced, the unapproved use of your fleet is also completely ruled out, as there is no cheating the system anymore.

Final Thoughts on Vehicle GPS Tracker Solutions

Having gone over the key benefits of an effective vehicle GPS tracker solution, we need to wrap things up by stressing the fact that GPS tracking does so much more than just plot your fleet as dots on a live map. Here are just a few of the metrics that an effective GPS solution from Ontrak can also provide:

  • Driver behavior
  • Engine idling
  • Engine performance
  • Fuel usage
  • Progress towards job completion
  • Time spent on the road
  • Unauthorized vehicle use
  • Vehicle speed

As you can see, these metrics are all derived from real-life, live data that is streamed directly from your fleet, back to the office. You no longer have to make expensive, high-risk decisions based on a hunch. Every decision can be driven by data.

The value of effective vehicle GPS tracker solutions in improving the performance of, as well as protecting your assets, is proven by the fact that most insurance providers will lower their premiums to businesses who choose to run the technology on their fleet.

Remember, we offer a range of different software options at affordable prices. No matter the size of your fleet, OnTrak Solutions is highly scalable and totally customizable. We work with you for training and support, helping make the transition to modern fleet management technology easy.

Want to learn more about our vehicle GPS tracker solutions? Get in touch with us today.