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Key Benefits of Vehicle GPS Tracker Solutions

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As a business owner in charge of a fleet of vehicles, you no doubt understand the challenges of fleet management required to keep your business on track and your drivers safe as they travel across our vast continent.  No matter how far your fleet is scattered, Ontrak Solutions’ vehicle GPS tracker solutions allow you to stay ahead of the game. Our solutions help monitor your vehicle assets from a centralized location in real-time.

By fitting easy-to-use vehicle GPS tracking devices that have been designed to suit a range of light and heavy vehicles, you’re able to use our latest technology to support your drivers in ways unimaginable even just a few years ago.

Enhance your fleet management by tracking your vehicles and implementing data-driven changes on repeated routes. Our GPS tracker also improves trip times in all conditions and ensures driver safety.

What Is GPS Fleet Tracking?

GPS fleet tracking involves using GPS technology to monitor the real-time positions and movements of vehicles within a fleet. This technology allows for efficient management of assets, optimizing route planning, and rapid response to any incidents on the road. It’s a vital tool for increasing operational efficiency and ensuring regulatory compliance in fleet management.

Key Benefits of an Effective Vehicle GPS Tracker Solution

As GPS tracking becomes crucial for safer and more efficient fleets, let’s look into the benefits offered by our vehicle GPS tracker solutions.

1. The Ability to Closely Monitor Your Fleet

Effective vehicle GPS tracker solutions allow you to see where your whole fleet is at any moment in time. With this valuable information readily available, you can quickly dispatch resources where and when they’re required.

Have you heard the saying that information is money?

When it comes to fleet management, this saying couldn’t be more spot-on. Having real-time visibility of every vehicle in your fleet provides a distinct business advantage that competitors lacking this information simply cannot match.

Consider the importance of knowing the exact location of a truck transporting an express delivery and its distance to the destination. Understanding whether the truck is on the way or halted due to mechanical problems, navigating heavy traffic, or anticipated to arrive ahead of schedule is important. An effective vehicle GPS tracker solution allows you and your team to change routes at the drop of a hat and relay this information to your driver.

Enabling vehicles in your fleet to avoid traffic jams, accidents, or whatever other problems that somehow always seem to find their way into major transport arteries. Having this information allows you to precisely predict your delivery’s time of arrival. Being able to relay this information to your customers shows reliability.

2. Protect Your Staff by Improving Driver Safety

While we rely on machinery to get the job done, there’s also a human element to the work we do. Everyone behind the wheel of your fleet has a family that they go home to every night and it’s your responsibility to ensure that they’re able to do this. Effective vehicle GPS tracker solutions offer an extra layer of protection for your staff.

If something goes wrong on the road or a driver requires assistance for a mechanical issue, vehicle GPS tracking is able to help reach their exact location without delay. This is important when your fleet is driving outside business hours and on quiet, rural roads outside of major city centers.

Experienced drivers may claim familiarity with their routes, but factors like bad weather and fatigue can significantly impact their ability to respond promptly to emergencies. Is it worth risking the lives of your staff when GPS technology is available?

3. Reduce Costs Around Fuel and the Maintenance of Your Fleet

Effective vehicle GPS tracker solutions allow you to reduce costs by optimizing your driver’s time with data-backed solutions. You can reduce fuel expenses not only by optimizing routes for efficiency but also by avoiding traffic congestion.

Minimize unnecessary idling when drivers are stuck in traffic by choosing alternate routes or adjusting delivery schedules. Like humans, traffic patterns are predictable, and proactive planning can mitigate delays.

An effective vehicle GPS tracker solution can also help reduce maintenance costs by minimizing wear and tear on your fleet. With OnTrak solutions, you can extend the lifespan of your vehicles and decrease the time between service appointments. While breakdowns can’t be completely avoided, our solutions ensure they’re addressed promptly and efficiently.

4. Increase the Security of Your Fleet

Taking care of the important assets in your fleet is essential for business. A reliable vehicle GPS tracker is a crucial tool for security. Your fleet assets include not only the vehicles moving goods from A to B but also the goods themselves.

When it comes to asset management, GPS tracker solutions offer you a live position of every vehicle in your fleet. No matter what time of the day it is, whether your staff is working or off-duty, your assets should be where they’re supposed to be.

If they’re not, you’ll know about it instantly.

Theft is an unfortunate reality in business. With GPS technology, if movement is detected in an asset that should be still, you can respond swiftly to prevent losses. GPS not only significantly reduces the risk of theft but also eliminates unauthorized use of your fleet. There’s no way to bypass the system anymore.

Final Thoughts on Vehicle GPS Tracker Solutions

Having gone over the key benefits of an effective vehicle GPS tracker solution, we need to wrap things up by stressing the fact that GPS tracking does more than plotting your fleet as dots on a live map. Here are just a few of the metrics that an effective GPS solution from OnTrak Solutions can provide:

  • Driver behavior
  • Engine idling
  • Engine performance
  • Fuel usage
  • Progress toward job completion
  • Time spent on the road
  • Unauthorized vehicle use
  • Vehicle speed

As you can see, these metrics are all derived from live data that is streamed directly from your fleet, back to the office. You no longer have to make high-risk decisions based on a hunch. Every decision can be driven by data.

The benefits of efficient vehicle GPS tracker solutions in enhancing performance and safeguarding assets are highlighted by the fact that many insurance providers offer reduced premiums to businesses utilizing this technology in their fleets.

Additionally, we provide a variety of software options at affordable rates. Whether your fleet is small or large, OnTrak Solutions offers highly scalable and customizable solutions. We provide extensive training and support to facilitate an easy transition to modern fleet management technology.

Want to learn more about our vehicle GPS tracker solutions? Get in touch with us today.

FAQs About the Benefits of GPS

What are the pros and cons of GPS?

GPS technology offers precise tracking and data analysis which are invaluable for efficient fleet management. However, it requires initial setup costs and ongoing maintenance. Also, there may be privacy concerns to manage concerning driver monitoring.

What is GPS and its benefits?

GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a satellite-based navigation system providing location and time information under any weather conditions. Its benefits include improved safety, enhanced navigation, better emergency response, and significant cost savings through optimized route planning.

Who benefits from GPS?

Everyone from individual consumers to large enterprises can benefit from GPS. It is particularly valuable for businesses that manage fleets by enhancing operational efficiency and asset management.

How has GPS helped society?

GPS has improved many aspects of life. This includes transportation, emergency response, and even smartphone technology making daily tasks more efficient and safer.

What are the benefits of GPS Tracking?

GPS tracking helps in managing fleet operations efficiently. They ensure safety through real-time location tracking, reducing costs by optimizing routes, and enhancing response times during emergencies.