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New Jersey Insurance Telematics Solutions

Our insurance telematics solutions utilize a detailed driver scorecard enhanced with LIVE STREAMING DASH CAMERAS and instantaneous notification of distracted driving. This provides you with the most comprehensive coaching platform available today.

Defend Your Fleet

• Insurance Fraud
•  False Claims & Nuclear Verdicts​
• Aggressive Drivers & Driver Turnover
• Inaccurate Testimony

Over 25 million vehicles are equipped with usage-based insurance (UBI) solutions, but less than 1% of these policies are offered to fleet vehicles!
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insurance telematics

Insurance Telematics Principles

Eliminate conflicting incident descriptions and provide clear evidence with video. Use telematics to coach better and safer driving behaviors.

No more conflicting witness statements with connected dash cameras, the proof is irrefutable.
By implementing OnTrak Solutions Insurance telematics you are enhancing and improving your current driver and fleet safety.
Proactively coach your drivers to be the safest on the road ​Utilizing our DRIVER SCORE CARD, we can identify your riskiest drivers and coach them​.
insurance telematics

Insurance Telematics Statistics

  • Disputed claims reduced up to 40%
  • 27% reduction in claims frequency
  • Risk Profiles reduced by 39%
  • Resulting costs from claims are able to be reduced by 17%
  • Return on investment within first year – 100%
  • Proven improvement in loss ratios