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Fleet Tech Benefits

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When working with OnTrak Solutions, the advantages gained by using fleet tech are invaluable relative to nurturing a healthy and growing business. The fleet tech we provide will optimize your company’s efficiency via improving productivity, increasing profitability, and encouraging safe habits along the way.


Safety is a keystone in any fleet operation, as healthy drivers are happy and effective, and cargo remains intact and undisturbed. With the fleet tech utilities provided by OnTrak Solutions, you can ensure business safety protocols are followed, encouraged, and that your fleet efficiency is optimized.

  • Put a halt to sleepy, inattentive driving with live-stream capabilities that put you right next to the driver, reducing careless and costly collisions.
  • Recorded driving gives fleet manager the opportunity to become aware of fleets poor driving habits. This allows you and the driver to review and adjust driving habits for the better.
  • Accident recordings act as a witness to help free drivers from driving incidents that they did not cause, keeping drivers in control of their situations.

42% of fleets see fewer safety incidents after implementing fleet tracking software to monitor driver behavior.

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Proactive Fleet Management

Free Benefits Infographic

Ontrak’s fleet management solutions provide fantastic benefits and can be paid back in a very short period of time. This infographic captures the benefits in an easily scannable and sharable format.
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What is the most important step to running a successful business? OnTrak Solutions believes fleet tech improvements are one of them. Technological advances can allow a growing company to gain a sharper edge over the competition and refine the conditions already in place. At OnTrak Solutions, our products offer top line specifications and accuracy in order to grant companies maximum efficiency.

  • ​With a rich collection of sensor capabilities, reports for any and all vehicles are created for a number of attributes. Some example include mileage, fuel consumption, door sensors, and geo-fencing. This allows you to custom fit your fleet to provide the data you need whenever desired.
  • The data provided by our GPS trackers and collaborating monitoring platform will allow you access any detailed information about vehicle systems. This gives you a heads up when it is time to schedule maintenance for your fleet vehicles, allowing prevention of further expenses and costs.
  • Fuel consumption and carbon dioxide sensors will allow you to maintain a healthy relationship with the environment by viewing your carbon footprint.
  • Instant access to devices through our easy-to-use monitoring dashboards to keep track of your entire fleet whenever & wherever with easy access through the web, and via mobile application.
  • Financial Savings comes in many forms when using OnTrak Solutions. From reduced claim costs to prevent accidents with our cloud connected cameras, to reduced fuel expenses thanks to detailed sensors provided with our devices to help you detect an issues.


Complying with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and International Fuel Tax Agreement requirements (IFTA) can be tedious and time consuming. Make it easy with the use of our ELD technology. Organizing your HOS and IFTA reports are boiled down to a simple, yet powerful set of tools.

  • HOS compliant E-log solution that follows FMCSA requirements is easy to use, flexible with implementations, and is completely integrated with DVIR. Records are automated to keep administration simple and keep regulatory fines at a minimum by automatically updating latest requirements
  • State to state IFTA reporting tool automates and organizes in order to eliminate the burden from your shoulders, giving you more time to perfect your business in other, more proactive ways.
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