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Vehicle Fleet Management Success Stories

The Backbone Of Our Vehicle Fleet Management Success Is Our Customers.


Like many commercial transportation businesses, Jets Towing in New York needed to reduce claims and protect its drivers from wrongful accusations. Since deploying Connected Dash Camera Technology through the OVIT (OnTrak Video Insurance Telematics) Program, Jets Towing has exonerated innocent drivers and reduced false claims significantly. With the savings from just two wrongful claims, the program has paid for itself—and continues to protect their fleet daily.

​”This program has made a significant impact on the amount of incidents related to distracted driving, and we have seen a immediate reduction in both our amount of claims as well as claims costs.”

​- Jet’s Towing Ownership –

“Overall, the camera system/GPS system has shown significant promise in the time we have been using them. I would fully endorse any public works sector to employ these systems on their vehicle fleet.”

– Beachwood NJ Supervisor of Public Works –

Proactive Fleet Management

Free Benefits Infographic

Ontrak’s fleet management solutions provide fantastic benefits and can be paid back in a very short period of time. This infographic captures the benefits in an easily scannable and sharable format.

Overall competence review of Dual Camera System or GPS monitor installation in Public Works Vehicle Fleet Management:


  1. Cameras provide the necessary physical evidence needed in traffic accidents.
  2. Able to witness to help exonerate public works and its drivers from accident fault.


  1. Captured videos can be utilized for training sessions.
  2. Captured videos will aid with driver disciplinary boards.


  1. Reports (hard braking, over acceleration, speed of turns, i.e.) all can be monitored to ensure proper driving techniques. Better techniques in turn will alleviate hard conditions on vehicles. With better techniques, will eliminate unnecessary vehicle breakdowns, lowering budget cost for vehicles.
  2. GPS monitoring systems can aid supervisors with workforce location. With mapping vehicles, supervisors can assign emergency work to the closet vehicle in the area, thus cutting down on response time.
  3. Residents call in statement of refuse not being picked up, cameras can allow supervision to investigate fraudulent claims verses actual ones to determine proper procedures.
  4. With location of rear cameras on refuse trucks, supervision can oversee multiple crews work performance at one time. Crew could be preforming work unsafely or unjustly only when supervisor is not physically in sight. Crews now know that someone can always be watching, that keeps them on their toes.
  5. Safety reports or work-related injuries can be supported with video evidence. This could lessen possible false injury reports due to physical evidence available.


  • 86% decrease in near collisions
  • 71% reduction in traffic violations
  • ​29% drop in unbelted drivers

Over 1,000 vehicles, from single-van operators to multi-national fleets, can attest to the value of our vehicle fleet management solutions and our dedication to customers.