GPS Asset Tracking Devices


What comes to mind when you think of GPS?

Many of us think of Google Maps or other programs that use GPS to help us navigate. While satellite navigation systems are great, they just scratch the surface of what GPS can do for you.

What is GPS?

GPS, also known as the Global Positioning System, is a U.S. owned utility that can help people with PNT (positioning, navigation, and timing) services. GPS allows you to pinpoint the exact location of objects.

How can GPS help track equipment?

We can provide or install GPS receivers for your equipment.  These receivers send signals to the GPS satellites, allowing you to pinpoint the location of your equipment.

Can equipment tracking do more than provide location?

Absolutely. With our receivers, you can also get information about the equipment. They can provide

  • Location Track the exact location of your equipment at all times.
  • Analytics Allow you to see how equipment is being used and help you compare utilization costs and benefits.
  • Sites Lets you break down asset management by site or compare across sites.
  • Details You can determine the level of detail you get from your tracking equipment.
  • Utilization See when equipment is in use and how often equipment is being used.
  • Maintenance Set schedules for maintenance and remotely access diagnostics to keep your machinery operating at peak capacity.

How can tracking equipment aid in asset management?

Heavy equipment is expensive to purchase, maintain, and store.  Therefore, buying it is not always the best option for your business.  On the other hand, rental costs can escalate quickly and may be taking up too much of your budget.  Tracking usage can help you determine whether renting or buying is better for your business.

Another great way to maximize your equipment is by ensuring you are following the best maintenance and repair schedules. Our equipment lets you track those schedules, even when equipment is out on site.

Can tracking help with rentals?

One of the biggest risks with heavy equipment rentals is that you may have a client who refuses to return them.  Although the likelihood of that occurring may be low, the price you pay if it happens can be overwhelming.  Installing trackers on your equipment can help you if you ever need to recover some of your equipment. It can also help you keep track of maintenance schedules, especially those based on usage, while the equipment is in the field.