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Increase efficiency, improve safety, and help protect your bottom line with OnTrak Solutions

Fleet Solutions Achieve 100% ROI Within A Year

OnTrak Solutions builds programs to manage risk and improve efficiencies while creating a safer fleet through the integration of our telematics and analytical platforms.

fleet safety


  • 86% decrease in near collisions
  • 71% reduction in traffic violations
fleet efficiency


  • Return on investment within first year – 100%
  • 27% reduction in claims frequency
DOT compliance


  • Disputed claims reduced up to 40%
  • Resulting costs from claims are able to be reduced by 17%
Reduce Risk


  • 29% drop in unbelted drivers
  • Risk Profiles reduced by 39%
fleet tech + fleet solutions

Manage Risk & Improve Efficiency

OnTrak Solutions builds programs that help businesses manage risk and improve efficiencies while creating a safer fleet. Our fleet solutions integrate telematics and analytics and leverage our unique expertise and experience. We’ll help you better coach your drivers as well as dramatically improve your risk profile.

Combining GPS tracking, advanced management software, and on-road technology such as cloud-connected dash cams, OnTrak Solutions provides your business with driving and vehicle insights superior to anything before possible. Our fleet solutions give you the power to enhance operational productivity from fleet management to route efficiency and much more.

Customizable And Complete Fleet Solutions

Use connected dash cams for a full view of the road. Gain vital insights into the efficiencies of your drivers and fleet vehicles with GPS tracking. Leverage our powerful fleet software for everything from trip reporting to priority-event video playback. Defend your fleet from insurance fraud, false claims, inaccurate testimony, and more.

Just follow the scheduling link above and get started by receiving a full demonstration of our fleet management solutions. When your done, come back and calculate your own ROI with our custom calculator, or request a custom price quote from our team of fleet experts.