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Insurance Perks of Having a Dash cam


You may have heard that getting a dash cam can lower your insurance rates. That is not always true. Some car insurance companies offer lower rates if you have a dash cam, while other insurance companies do not. However, dash cams can help you keep your insurance rates lower.

The question of whether dash cams affect car insurance is one garnering attention in the automotive and insurance industries. While not all insurers provide a dash cam insurance discount, the presence of a dash cam in your vehicle can influence your insurance rates in several indirect ways.

Insurance Perks Of Having A Dash Cam

Dash cams can significantly bolster your defense in disputes over traffic incidents. By providing concrete evidence of the circumstances surrounding an accident, dash cams eliminate the ambiguity that often accompanies collision claims. This clear-cut evidence not only aids your insurer in defending your case but can also quicken the settlement process. It reduces the time and hassle involved in claim adjudication.

Moreover, dash cams can capture details that are often missed in the chaos following an accident. In the accident aftermath, drivers may not recall every detail accurately. Dash cams help fill these gaps by offering a replay of the events as they happened. This can be particularly valuable in accident scenarios where multiple parties or factors are involved.

Getting a dash cam can help keep your insurance rates low. They provide reliable evidence of an accident. Having a dash cam record the accident means that an accident is not a he-said/she-said scenario. Instead, you have documentation of the events in an accident. Having a dash cam can help your insurance company defend you in the event of an accident.

Dash cams can help you capture more than accidents. They can also help you with attempted car thefts, vandalism, and false insurance claims. Your dash cam may even capture other people’s accidents and help them with their insurance companies.

Are Dash Cams Worth It?

Investing in a dash cam goes beyond just hoping for lower insurance premiums. Dash cams provide clear evidence in the event of an accident that can simplify the claims process. This can be crucial in determining fault to potentially speed up the claim process. It also helps to prevent your premiums from increasing unjustly after an incident.

Dash cams also offer security benefits by recording instances of theft, vandalism, or other damages that occur when the vehicle is parked. Such capabilities not only assist in a quicker resolution of insurance claims but also can deter criminal activity around your vehicle.

Dash cams record what is happening on the road. That means that they can provide evidence of accidents. You can turn over the footage to your insurance company or to law enforcement. They are even better than witnesses because their footage cannot be contested. 

Depending on where the dash cam is mounted, it can provide different types of information. Dash cameras can be on the dashboard or the windshield. We can focus them inside or outside the vehicle. You can even have both or a dual camera that can record both.

One of the best benefits of a dash cam is that it may be able to provide details that you cannot provide. After an accident, you may be dazed and confused and not remember the details of the accident. A dash cam helps you understand what happened and fills in the blanks for your insurance company. They provide you with the reassurance that your recollection of the accident is okay.

Do Any Insurance Companies Offer a Discount for Dashcams?

While the adoption of dash cam discounts is not universal, some insurance companies are beginning to recognize the benefits these devices provide. It’s a growing trend, for insurers to offer modest discounts to drivers who have installed a dash cam. These discounts are typically justified by the decreased likelihood of disputed claims, which saves money for both the insurer and the insured.

While not all insurance companies offer discounts for dash cameras, it is worth calling your insurance company to ask them.  However, even if they do not offer direct discounts, the positive changes you are likely to make could still lead to savings.

While the immediate financial benefit of a dash cam insurance discount might not be available with every insurer, the long-term savings and protections they provide can be substantial.

Dash cameras serve as a reminder to drive responsibly. They are a great incentive for teen drivers. For insurance companies that offer discounts for safe drivers, dash cams can help you get those discounts. For drivers looking to enhance their vehicle’s safety and ensure a robust defense against wrongful claims, investing in a dash cam is a wise decision.

FAQs on Dash Cam Insurance Discounts

Does a dash cam lower insurance?

While having a dash cam does not guarantee a lower insurance rate, many insurers are beginning to recognize the value of the recorded footage in resolving claims more efficiently and accurately. This can indirectly influence premiums over time.

Does State Farm give discounts for dash cam?

As of now, State Farm does not offer a specific discount for installing a dash cam. However, the presence of a dash cam can contribute to the overall safety profile of your vehicle, which can be beneficial during the policy review.

Does Allstate give discounts for dash cameras?

Allstate does not currently advertise a specific dash cam discount. Policyholders need to discuss directly with Allstate or an agent to explore any possible unrecognized benefits or future policy changes regarding dash cams.

Do insurance companies ask for dash cam footage?

Yes, in the event of a claim, insurance companies may request footage from your dash cam to better assess the claim’s circumstances. This footage can be pivotal in resolving disputes, determining liability, and ensuring fair claim settlements.

Paired with our insurance telematics platform, our dash cameras offer road surveillance, capturing events preceding, during, and following incidents. They record various data including the driver’s perspective, GPS location, accident impact force, audio, and driving behavior metrics.

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