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Why Have a Dash Cam in Your Car?

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Have you wondered if you need a dash cam for your car? They are a great addition for any vehicle. They not only record accidents and other incidents, but can also help improve your driving. They can keep an eye on your car when it is moving or when it is sitting still. 

When most people think of a dash cam, they think of car accidents. Dash cams are very useful in recording incidents. That can help you preserve evidence of an accident.  Dash cams can capture hit and run accidents. Dash cams can also capture accidents with two moving vehicles. They can help you determine fault in an accident. The dash cam can also capture details that help you find the other vehicle. 

If you are in an accident, you can use the dash cam footage to help your insurance company see that you are not at fault. You can speed up the claims process. You can also use dash cam footage to show that you were not speeding or violating other driving rules if you get a ticket. That can help your insurance company see that you do not deserve points or an increase in your insurance rates. 

In fact, you may be able to use dashcam footage with the police. If it is safe to do so, you can share footage at the site of an accident or after getting a traffic ticket to demonstrate that you were not at fault. If you cannot do so at that time, you can prepare the footage for court to fight a ticket. Dash cams may be useful, even if you are not involved in an accident or traffic violation. Dash cams can capture evidence of crimes, which may be useful to police. 

However, another great use for dash cams is to monitor drivers. Parents use dash cams to keep an eye on teenage drivers. Employers can also use dash cams to monitor their employees. It is a great way to ensure that drivers are paying attention and following all applicable rules and laws. 

Dashcams let you record your surroundings. That can be useful when you are moving. However, you may also want to record when your car is parked. A ton of accidents happen in parking lots, and drivers may be tempted to leave without reporting the accident. Your dash cam can record those incidents. 

Dashcams can also keep you safe. If you are a rideshare driver, you can use cabin-view recording in your vehicle. That can help keep you safe from any allegations of wrongdoing. It can also provide evidence if you are the victim of a crime.