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Why Choose GPS Solutions for Your Vehicles?

Why Choose GPS Solutions for Your Vehicles?

Have you been wondering if GPS solutions can improve your fleet? The answer is not just yes, but absolutely. Using fleet GPS tracking New Jersey can help your drivers, help you manage your fleet, and improve customer service and OnTrak has the GPS solutions you need to get started. 

GPS or global positioning system is a satellite-enabled system of navigating and tracking things around the globe. It began as a military application and its history is really quite fascinating. However, in civilian use, it quickly became an indispensable part of how we navigate around. 

Almost every person has used a GPS system to get directions to different locations. Whether you are using a GPS system in your vehicle or Google Maps on your cell phone, the premise is the same. The system gets directions from a satellite and guides you, using your real-life location. 

A GPS tracking system for your fleet works a little differently. It not only interacts with the satellites, but also with your system. Therefore, you can use it to locate all of your vehicles, at all times. Combine GPS with dashboard cameras New Jersey and you not only have location data, but actual eyes on your drivers and vehicle. That can help you improve safety. 

Dash Cam New Jersey is a great way to watch out for your drivers. Many people think that dash cams are like spy cams, and employers are just looking for drivers doing things wrong. However, dash cams are a great security system. They let you see, in real time, if a driver is in trouble, so that you can get help to them quickly. They also help you keep an eye on your vehicle when the driver is out of the car. Of course, they do impact driver behavior. Studies suggest that drivers are more likely to follow traffic rules when they know that they are monitored.  

GPS systems let you optimize your drivers’ routes. They provide real-time location data for your fleet as well as traffic information. You can easily determine what route is the shortest, most fuel efficient, or easiest. You can also make sure your drivers follow rules about driving through neighborhoods or school zones. 

GPS lets you save fuel. It can help you cut down on speeding, unauthorized usage, and driver idling. Those changes may not be overnight but using GPS tracking tools can help you eliminate unnecessary fuel waste. 

Of course, GPS also helps you with productivity. Think back to group projects in school. Remember how there was always one slacker who did not get caught because his team made up the difference? While that might be great for the slacker, it is rough for the rest of the team. GPS tracking lets you see when drivers are active. Are they working during work hours? Are they able to finish their routes during their scheduled times? You can optimize productivity once you have that information. 

As you can see, GPS technology has tons of applications for your business. So, contact OnTrak Solutions to find the right choice for your business.