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What Are the Top Time Tracking Software Programs with GPS Tracking?

What Are the Top Time Tracking Software Programs with GPS Tracking?

It is difficult to name the number one time tracking software program. That is because different companies have different needs. We use three basic criteria to examine time tracking software. Depending on your needs, the criteria play different roles. 

The three things we look at are the usability, integrations, and price. No matter how great the time tracker is, if you cannot afford it, you cannot implement it. If you cannot integrate it with your current software, it is going to be difficult to implement. Finally, if your drivers find it difficult to use, they will not use it.   

Connecteam is one of the best GPS time tracking options available. It directly clocks your employees, so that you do not have to worry about someone else punching in the clock. It also simplifies things for your employees. GPS tracking helps highlight when they are at work. Easy to use, it works for businesses of all sizes.  The user interface is easy, as is integrating it with other software. In addition to clocking time, you can manage PTO and absences, as well as payroll with the app. It is affordable, starting at under $30 a month for up to 30 users. 

Another option is Homebase. This app is cloud-based. It has GPS tracking to allow you to track drivers. However, the GPS caching is not as thorough as Connecteam’s. However, it does alert you if someone is late checking in and has a built-in messaging system. It is $19.95 per location each month. 

Labor Sync is one of our favorites. It has many of the same bells and whistles that you find in Connecteam including GPS breadcrumb technology, payroll records, and messaging. It is more expensive to use and does not have the most user-friendly interface. However, it supports multiple languages. It is $10 per user/month. So, if you have multiple drivers, the costs can add up quickly. 

Jibble is one of the most affordable options. It has free plans and a premium plan starts out at $2.50 per user. It is very user friendly. Users can clock in and out. Managers also have control. They can set up geofence boundaries, so they can see how and where employees are working. It also has facial recognition. It helps you schedule to avoid overtime, and you can integrate it into third-party software.