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What Are the Advantages of GPS in Fleet Management?

What Are the Advantages of GPS in Fleet Management?

When you think about using GPS in fleet management, you may immediately think about always knowing where your vehicles are located.  While that is a significant benefit, it is far from the only benefit to your fleet tracking system. 

Fleet tracking systems use GPS to monitor location, but they also collect other data about the vehicles.  GPS systems can report how your drivers are operating their vehicles, including information about speed, harsh braking, engine idle time, and driving hours.  All of this information can help you operate a safe and more efficient fleet. 

With a GPS system, you can monitor your vehicle’s location and performance. That helps you distribute vehicle use over your fleet and reduce the idle time for each vehicle. 

GPS systems include vehicle diagnostic information.  With that information, you can monitor vehicle performance and determine when vehicles need maintenance or service. You can schedule maintenance for when the vehicle will be out of use, minimizing driver down time. 

Most insurance companies offer reduced rates if you have GPS systems.  That is because GPS systems are helpful in recovering stolen vehicles, encourage safe driving, and can be useful in insurance claims.  Some insurance companies offer discounts up to 30%, which can be significant savings for even a small fleet. 

GPS tracking leads to lower fuel costs.  First, you are better able to plan routes, which means less fuel waste.  GPS tracking also helps you avoid idle time and encourages better driving behaviors, which can lead to better fuel economy. 

GPS can help keep your vehicles and your drivers safe. With GPS tracking, you can identify safe and risky areas for your drivers and help them plan safe places to stop and rest. You can notify customers when vehicles are due to arrive and track when they leave a facility. This serves as a great warning system for unauthorized vehicle activity, which can help protect vehicles and the people who drive them. 

For drivers, one of the benefits of GPS tracking is route planning. GPS systems let them plan their routes without using cell phones on the road, which improves overall safety.  Plus, GPS systems can recommend alternate routes, helping your drivers avoid road construction, accidents, and other delays. 

For managers, GPS gives you real-time information about the fleet, at all times.  You do not have to wait for drivers to check in to know where they are.  Instead, you can monitor every vehicle in your fleet, in real time, at all times. 

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