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Pros and Cons of Dash Cams


Have you been considering getting a dash cam?  They are a great addition to your vehicle.  Many people think of them as a way to record when bad things happen. However, they are also a great tool to help improve driving skills. 

A dash cam is a camera that is mounted on the windshield or dashboard of your vehicle.  They record visual and often audio.  You can get interior-only, exterior-only, or dual view cameras.  Dash cams may have in-camera recordings, usually on removable SD cards.  They can also record wirelessly to a cloud. You can set up how the dash cam records.  Most have impact detection, which lets them record as soon as they feel an impact.  You can get impact detection combined with buffered recording, which preserves footage from prior to the impact, as well.  You can also get dash cams that record when your vehicle is parked.  The operate via motion sensors that tell the cameras to record when people are near your vehicle. 

Reckless Drivers

One of the main reasons people have dash cams is to catch reckless drivers. Dash cams record how people are driving, and you can use those videos for numerous reasons.  The top ones are to give to police and insurance companies, but you can also use them to help teach driving skills.

Car Wrecks

Dash cams are great for recording car wrecks.  Instead of relying on your word or eyewitnesses to describe an accident, dash cams give you visual proof of what happened.  They can be a great way to avoid liability or even tickets for an accident that is someone else’s fault. 

Inattentive Drivers

Do you or one of your family members struggle to pay attention while driving?  In an ideal world, all drivers would be 100% focused on driving every time they got behind the wheel.  IN the real world, that just does not happen.  However, a dash cam can help you monitor inattention, so you can develop strategies to improve it. 

New Drivers

Nervous about letting your teen drive without you in the car? Get a dash cam and keep eyes on them, even when you are not present.  Just knowing that they could be being monitored helps remind new drivers to drive responsibly. 

Bad Weather

Driving in inclement weather can be challenging.  Some dash cams let you use them while in motion, which may give you a better exterior view.  If the weather is that bad, you really want to pull over until it is safe to drive.  Dash cams can help you accomplish that safely. 

Vandalism and Theft

Worried about someone damaging or stealing your car? A dash cam with a motion sensor lets you catch people before they touch your vehicle.  Store images to the cloud and even if someone steals your car, you have images of the thief. 

Given all the pros of dash cams, there are very few cons.  The biggest one is price.  However, you may be surprised to find that quality dash cams start at just a few hundred dollars.  It is a small price to pay for the extra peace of mind.