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is 3G going away

Is 3G going away? Yes, the rumors are true. Cellular networks are changing and beginning to prepare for the future. Many phone companies such as Version, T-Mobile, and At&t are planning to do away with 2G & 3G between 2021 and 2022. While that is far in the future, it is important to prepare now.

If your fleet is still using devices that require older technology, you must act soon in order to avoid a poor mobile experience. Understanding this transition is crucial for anyone relying on mobile devices from basic cell phones to fleet management systems.

When Will 2G/3G Go Away?

Many Carriers are eager to do away with 2G and 3G networks so they can focus on repurposing users to support 4G LTE.  The loss of 2G and 3G networks marks a significant shift towards more efficient and robust technologies like 4G LTE. They offer greater speed and reliability. These networks are unable to meet the growing data demands of modern technology. Hence, carriers are eager to repurpose this bandwidth to enhance 4G capabilities and eventually roll out 5G.

Some important dates to consider:

  1. Verizon completed the shutdown of its CDMA network on December 31, 2022. As a result, devices using Verizon’s 3G (CDMA) or older 4G technology that does not support HD Voice are no longer able to make or receive calls, send or receive texts, or use data services​​.
  2. AT&T also shut down its 3G network in February 2022, aligning with their previously announced timeline. This impacts users who still had devices reliant on 3G technology, as they would no longer be able to use these services​.
  3. T-Mobile, as of the latest updates, has dismantled Sprint’s 3G CDMA network in March 2022.

For users affected by these network sunsets, upgrading to newer devices that support at least 4G LTE or 5G is necessary to maintain service continuity. ​

The Implications of Turning Off 3G

The discontinuation of 3G networks will render devices that are not compatible with 4G or newer technologies obsolete. For users, this means upgrading to new devices is not just an option but a necessity to avoid disruption in service. This transition is especially critical for businesses that rely on mobile connectivity to manage operations.

Upgrading a 3G Phone to 4G

Upgrading a 3G phone to 4G involves more than just a software update; it typically requires a new device. Mobile phones and other connected devices designed for 3G networks lack the necessary hardware to support 4G LTE. This makes device replacement inevitable for those wishing to maintain connectivity.

The Functionality of My Phone Post-3G Discontinuation

The compatibility of your phone post-3G network shutdown depends on whether it supports 4G LTE. Users with 3G-only devices will find themselves needing to replace their phones to continue receiving service. It is important to verify the capabilities of your devices and consider upgrades if necessary.

The 3G Shutdown

The 3G shutdown will significantly impact users who have not transitioned to newer technology. It’s about ensuring that you are equipped with technology that can handle modern digital demands. For businesses using fleet management systems or other IoT devices, this could mean upgrading to new units that are capable of operating over 4G or 5G networks.

3G technology was innovative at its inception and it provided the backbone for features such as mobile internet and enhanced multimedia access on cell phones. However, with the development of technologies that offer faster speeds and more reliable connections, 3G has become economically inefficient for carriers to maintain.

The end of 3G means that users need to be proactive in understanding the capabilities and limitations of their current devices. Transitioning to newer technologies not only ensures continued service but also access to faster and more reliable mobile communications.

To determine if your mobile phone will function after the 3G shutdown, check your device’s specifications or contact your carrier. Ensure that your phone is compatible with at least 4G LTE. For users of OnTrak Solutions devices that might be affected by the 3G phase-out, we offer assistance and special pricing on upgrades to devices suitable for newer networks.

The phase-out of 3G is a part of the ongoing change within the telecommunications industry. As we bid farewell to 3G, it is essential to embrace the change by ensuring your devices are future-ready. If you need help with transitioning to updated technology, OnTrak Solutions is here to support you every step of the way.

What it Means to You

An estimated 47.3 million people are affected by the loss of 2G/3G. This means devices that are only capable of 2G/3G service will no longer work in the near future. You must ensure your device and plan are capable of 4G. Thankfully not all OnTrak Solutions devices are affected by this, but the 3G shutdown is on its way. If you believe you have an older OnTrak Solutions device that may lose support, please call for further assistance. The time to prepare is now.

Start Planning Now

Do not wait until it is too late. Nothing is worse than experiencing major disruptions by doing nothing or assuming it will not affect you. The disappearance of 3G networks is unavoidable as companies begin looking to the future. Keep an eye out for important dates and begin to prepare transition to a more flexible technology. OnTrak Solutions is prepared to assist you in transitioning to newer, better technology at reduced pricing.