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Industries We Serve

At OnTrak Solutions, we are passionate about helping modern businesses get the most out of their vehicle fleets. Our systems let you see what is happening with your vehicles at any given moment. This helps you make better choices about things like routes, maintenance, and driver assignments. Over time, those good choices add up to big gains.

However, not all transportation challenges are equal. That is why we intentionally design tailored fleet management solutions specific to client’s pain points and growth objectives within different industries.

About Our Fleet Management Solutions

The OnTrak Solutions approach fundamentally pivots fleet oversight from reactive hassles to proactive optimization and risk reduction through technology integration. We consolidate intelligent dashcams, GPS tracking devices, equipment tracking devices, and more within our unified command dashboard for 360-degree visibility over all vehicle assets and drivers. This data shows ways you can work safer, drive smarter, and go greener. Things you may miss day-to-day become obvious. With this intel, you can improve your transportation game.

Industries We Serve

Managing large mixed fleets spanning diverse locations becomes imperative but challenging for heavy machinery-reliant contractors and developers. Our systems let you see in real-time when your equipment is being used and how it is performing.

You can make sure your machines stay where they should and that people are not using them without permission. Sensors even track things like load sizes, idle time, and maintenance needs – then send alerts so you can take action. 

From state agencies to local municipalities managing light fleets and heavy-duty vehicle assets, our solutions introduce accountability around usage, idling, and routing while improving incident response coordination. Real-time analytics dashboards track KPIs like population mileage ratios to optimize capital planning for right-sized community fleets. 

Spanning expansive ranges with partial connectivity while ensuring coordinated material transport requires specialized solutions. Our global connectivity options and in-cab driver workflow guidance allow seamless load verification and delivery confirmation regardless of locale. Share economy integrations also introduce options for owners renting surplus vehicles or machinery to others during idle periods, offsetting ownership costs.

Whether coordinating fluid transport schedules between fields and processing plants or monitoring heavy equipment across vast project sites, our automation delivers. Vehicle/asset visibility removes manual reporting needs while geofencing streamlines dispatching and staging. Driver safety improves through enhanced communication abilities and instant incident notifications, even within sparse networks.

Increasingly complex long-haul logistics require end-to-end cargo visibility regardless of routes. Our platforms instantly share load status, destination ETAs, and shipment conditions with all stakeholders while providing complete documentation for chain of custody and regulatory compliance. In-cab compliance reminders also improve safety metrics to meet industry benchmarks.

Managing fixed routes with high-variance passenger loads requires accurate analytics. Our maximum load predictive algorithms aggregate ridership trends from sensors to recommend the right-sized vehicles for optimization. Real-time dispatch adjustments then maintain minute-by-minute efficiency. 

Unify far-reaching delivery operations notorious for disjointed third parties into one consolidated overview. Shared GPS tracking and inventory scans provide end-to-end cargo oversight, while driver safety scores incentivize professional conduct. Backhaul loads then seamlessly appear for return route revenue recovery to improve efficiency. Our clients operate more cohesively and profitably despite fragmentation.

Coordinate mobile operations spanning technicians and equipment and visiting client sites with ease. Dynamic networked dashboards share field team locations, status, and availability in real time to optimize dispatch efficiency. Remote troubleshooting abilities also minimize unnecessary rolls. All documentation feeds back to central CRM profiles for complete work history continuity when transitioning accounts.

Why Choose OnTrak Solutions?

At OnTrak Solutions, we built an organization around delivering technology and fundamentally transforming how modern fleets leverage data to enhance safety, productivity, and customer service. We stand out as the preferred choice for vehicle fleet management. With years of industry experience, our commitment to excellence is showcased through real success stories. We take pride in our proven track record, having partnered with top customers across various industries. Our solutions are trusted and relied upon by leading organizations, a testament to their effectiveness in optimizing fleet operations.

If you have questions about our fleet management and compliance solutions, do not hesitate to contact us today.