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Why You Should Consider Adding a Dashcam to Your Vehicle

Fleet Dash Camera

How do you keep an eye on your fleet? There are a bunch of different tools you can use as part of your fleet tracking system NJ.  These tools are designed to help you track your fleet. For example, GPS systems can help you see where the vehicles in your fleet are at all times. However, they do not let you see what the fleet is doing.  For that, you need dash cams.  

Fleet dash cameras New Jersey are a great way to see what your fleet is doing. Dash cams allow you to access video or images from your fleet.  The systems can record, send you all of the information, or send you alerts.  That gives you different levels of observation for your drivers.  

Fleet dash cam New Jersey allow you to monitor for certain events. Notable things to be aware of include breaking glass, collisions, hard braking events, and nearby movements.  Most dash cam solutions will let you check on drivers when they are in motion.  However, you may want to be able to access dash cam video at other times. With our system, you can access real-time views at any time. You can see inside and outside of the vehicle.  They give you the ability to upload videos, even if the vehicle is off.  

While we call them dash cameras, we have a variety of different types of cameras for your fleet vehicles.  We have vehicles for the front and back of your vehicle.  In fact, you can get enough cameras to provide a 360-degree view of your vehicles, if that is what you want. While that may be excessive for most fleets, it can be important for some vehicles depending on what you are transporting.  

You can also use your dash camera with other tools to help you monitor your drivers.  For example, you can pair it with your GPS to monitor speed and other offences.  That can help you make decisions about how to manage your fleet.   

On Trak specializes in dash cams and fleet management solutions. We can evaluate your fleet and discuss your needs.  Then, we go over the options available for you.  Not every fleet needs the same solution.  We help you find the solution that is perfect for your needs, without paying for more features than you need.  Ready to find out more? Contact us today.