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Benefits of Dash Cams for Fleets

Are you considering adding fleet dash cameras New Jersey?  These systems are a great addition to your fleet management system.  However, you may be wondering if they are worth the financial investment.  To help you make that decision, we have put together some information about the benefits of dash cams for your fleet tracking system NJ.  

Safety Analysis  

In an ideal world, your drivers would always obey every traffic law and never drive in an aggressive manner.  Unfortunately, we do not live in that world.  Your fleet drivers have to deal with bad drivers all the time. They also have to deal with scam artists who try to create accidents in order to get paid.  That means that, from time to time, even the very best drivers are going to have to engage in bad driving behaviors.  Swerving, hard breaking, and even speeding can all be reasonable behaviors in certain situations.   

With dash cams, you get to see what your driver saw.  That can help you determine whether your driver was being reasonable.  It can assist in insurance determinations of fault and can also help you determine whether or not to retain a driver in your fleet.  


Many people do not realize that fleet dash cam New Jersey can be a preventative tool.  Drivers pick up bad habits.  That does not mean that they are bad drivers.  When you notice bad driving habits, you can take the opportunity for preventative training.  This coaching allows you to use real-life examples, from their own driving experiences, to teach better skills.  That not only helps you reduce incidents in your fleet, but also helps you keep your drivers safe.   


Expense is the biggest barrier that potential customers cite when discussing dash cams.  They are an investment and people wonder if they will get a desirable ROI. Dash cam systems can help you reduce aggressive driving and incidents.  So, you save money in costs for accidents and insurance.  You also save money with decreased wear and tear and wasted fuel, which are both results of aggressive driving. By helping you get the information you need for driver training, dash cam systems can also help you with driver retention, saving you money on expenses related to excessive driver turnover.  

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